Event networking made easy.


Who's at the event?

With Hiiya, you can see who’s nearby and search for event attendees based on their proximity to you.

We are the event networking platform at meetings and events, for our users to easily expand their network through connecting and making introductions, before, during and after the event.

We understand that a strong, professional network is only as good as those who build and reinforce it, and we want to provide the tool for users to do just that.

So at your next event use Hiiya to connect with like-minded people easier and make introductions seamlessly, to expand your network.

Lets Connect


Tap the green connect button.
Reduce the steps to connect.

Chat with connections


Send messages to your connections. Suggest a meeting location or event, quick and easy. And meet in-person.

Introduce connections


Swipe and introduce other people within your trusted network.