8 Networking Tips on How to Make a Great First Impression at an Event


When you have more friends, you become powerful. The way to make a good first impression is to avoid making a bad one. Though it sounds trite, this is the best thing to do. To build your social network, start with your immediate circle of friends.

Don't Try to Be a Friend to Everyone

Be close to the friends you have; do not overreach. Building the contacts is fast and fun when a person comes recommended by a friend.

Attend Parties and Throw a Few Yourselves

Be a good guest. Appreciate everything and hate nothing. Moreover, when you have guests, make sure you get close to them and get them into your inner social circle if possible.

Research Before You Attend an Event

Though it may seem like an ordinary get-together for the people working in your department, often asking questions will tell you the real reason for a party. If it is a technical get-together, you can read the pamphlets and brush up on your fundamentals so you are able to make intelligent conversation with the people you meet.

Use a Smart Party Dress

Though you may not always be the life of a get-together, the people that matter like to be around people who have dressed well. So, even if you are only in the background of a picture, people will look at you twice.

Be Considerate of Others’ Needs

There are so many things to do and this is the same for everyone. Think about what the other person wants or wants to do and say. Pay attention to the differences they portray and mention. It will help you bond with a person fast.

Introduce Yourself Well

Use a joke or an anecdote to introduce yourself. You can say, “My aunt always likes people who smile,” or something like that. Alternatively, tell a joke your uncle told you and then introduce yourself.


Use the Power of Touch

Talking gets you out in the open with another person. However, to create a good impression, one that they will remember well, touch them. Hold their hands or pat them on the cheeks. Touching tells them you are friendly, and they will remember that for a long time.


Avoid being pushy; handing out your business card to someone you just met is alright if you have common business between the two of you. Otherwise, you can wait. Only when you both feel a genuine need to meet should you pull your card out.