Questions to ask at a speed networking event

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Speed Networking is a hurried networking format. People meet others for the first time and build their network by exchanging contact information, likes, and goals. Since the entire thing is speeded up, you will need to rehearse the questions and keep it ready to pop them at the opportune moment.

How is This Event?

This is the most general question - it gets them talking without any bias. It opens up new avenues to explore such as when they express their opinion on Facebook temporarily blocking new apps. Or, of the green dress, the girl across the room is wearing. You can get to know people and form contacts if you like their point of view on things.

What Made You Decide to Take up this Course?

People like to talk about themselves, and their likes. They will let loose their penchants and yearnings if you loosen them up enough. This will tell you how the person is and whether you must hook up or ditch them.

What Kind of Help can I Do for You Now?

This is the direct approach, and you will see quite a few of them want someone to help them with little things. When you help them, they become your friends.

Does Your Job have any Special Attractions?

Talking about what they do is like eating popcorn during the movie. It adds to the relish and connects the emotional angle of the person to the action.

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Where are You From?

Another of the things that remains uppermost in the mind is the way they grew up and the things that shaped their lives. This question will have plenty of answers so you must remain prepared for that.

Did You Have to Make Any Sacrifices in Your Career?

Most people come up after a struggle in their career. The types of struggle they go through in many cases will resemble those of another. People of your type will show the same kind of struggles you went through.

What do You do When You are Free?

Pastimes and makeup decide the way the personality shapes up. If a person spends too much time on either, they will always lose their way. But, it is worth talking about and knowing about. You can bring up the famous personalities and perhaps the convention speaker during the conversation.


Since Speed Networking finishes fast, you have to work quickly to record the data of the new friends you have made. The best thing is to use the phone - snap pictures, add the name by speaking it, and maybe a few likes and dislikes too. You can prepare business cards and exchange them in an instant. Furthermore, you can share favourite food haunts and weekend getaways with each other.