Networking tips for university students

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One LinkedIn survey confirmed that 85% of people who dig up new jobs found them because of networking. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for college students to hone their networking skills. Networking would help you build your own network, and you can land up getting a job of your dreams.

College students can follow the below-mentioned tips for networking.

College’s Placement Office

The first thing that you could do is getting aid from your college’s placement office. They are there to help students flourish and evolve. You can also get information regarding the alumni that are ready to help. Sending cold emails to the alumni could be very constructive. College’s placement services could also give you contacts of other networking clubs.

Clubs and Networking Groups

Try to rummage around different professional clubs and networking groups to get to know the ongoing trends. Attend these events and be serious about it. Carry your resume with you in case you find something that interests you. Dressing professionally would be a cherry on the top. You can also attend job fairs in your vicinity.


The internship is like an opening wedge to the real world. If you do well you can land up getting a job in that company. Even if you are not looking forward to working with them, you can make good contacts, and they can help you refer somewhere you are keen on working.

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Lecturers, Our Mentors

They can give you advice about the career path to predestine. They also tend to have professional links in the industry. If you forge good relations with them, they could look out a job for you.

Social Media

You can join business-networking sites like LinkedIn. There you tend to make contacts and get a lot of opportunities as per your forte. Use LinkedIn in order to trail up people you meet, keep tabs on people you already know, and explore people who you want to be acquainted with. You can also join industry groups you are interested in, and keep updated on pertinent information. Joining other sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram would be favorable as well.

Follow Up

Rome was not built in one day. Once you have started the process, do not stop. Keeping in touch with the acquaintances would show them your determination and passion towards it. You do not have to write lengthy emails; just a small gesture is enough.