Engaging questions to ask at events

Courtesy of Travel Massive

Courtesy of Travel Massive

Networking seems to be a cup of tea for the people who love talking to and meeting new people. However, someone a striking a conversation is more difficult than reaching the moon. There are many people with diverse personalities, motives, tastes and frame of mind present at these events. So, one has to make sure that you utilise this opportunity to the fullest.

To strike up a conversation with so many different types of people, it is better to begin with the basic questions and then goes to questions that are more personal. List of questions that can be solicited to connect you at the events is listed below.

Which organisation do you work for?

This is one of the basic questions that can be asked to initiate the conversation. After they respond, you can ask about their profession and job profile. Taking a keen interest in their work would make the person loosen up and will talk to you openly about their work. You can also share a thing o two about your work.

What are the reasons for attending this event?

You can ask whether they were there with a friend or alone. In addition, everyone has a different purpose of attending these events. Some just come to accompany a friend, some to expand their business, some to hire someone suitable and some to just meet and know new people.  Knowing their motive would help you take the conversation ahead easily.

What are your other interest areas?

Having a conversation only regarding work could become arduous and mind-numbing at the same time. Everyone has hobbies and leisure pursuits other than their profession. So, talking about them would lighten up the conversation, and you can know the person better apart from his vocation.

What qualities do you think are required to work in your organisation?

This would reveal a lot about the person’s qualities and overall thinking. Furthermore, if you are planning to work for that company, you would get a proper insight into it. You will be able to prepare yourself better. This would also show what values and morals does the person believes in.

What do you expect from new employees at your company?

The answer for this question will show their work culture and core beliefs. Even if you are not planning to join the organisation, it will show that you think highly of their judgment and are wrapped up in the person and company.