How to follow up with a connection after an event

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Communicating is the soul of commerce. It is no surprise that the networking experts get called up every now and then to tell everyone what they think people should or would do in a given situation. This is what happens when you go home after an event. You are in the post-mortem phase and so is everyone else that attended the event. How should you follow up?

Move Fast

People tend to forget and so you have to make sure you have spoken to all the important people at the networking event. It is something more than only exchanging business cards. It has to do with the interest factor. If you have made conversation with the person, you can jog his or her memory by reminding them of the conversation.

Keep the Cards and Email Addresses

There are so many people at the networking event that is impossible to remember every single one of them. The way forward is to collect the cards and then send emails. This way, you can connect to them again if you want to.

Connect with Doers

Don't send LinkedIn links to all the addresses you collect from the business cards. It is important to filter the list, otherwise, you will have an almighty collection of people on the list with more than half being also-rans. You want to connect with the doers and movers.

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Throw a Party

Get the people you have an interest in and throw a party for them. Make is grand by inviting the leading lights of society if possible. This is easy if you have the contacts. Then your social network becomes better and rises higher. You will get going to all the places you need to go to promote your business.

Create an Invite List

After you have eliminated those who are also-rans, you can send the invites to the rest of the crowd. Check the next event in the social calendar and then give pointers to the would-be speakers and the host of the upcoming show. By creating a forward thrust, your social calendar will become mobile.

Offer Services or Help

This works best because everyone needs help. Only, you may not have the time to look after so many people. However, by offering to help, you open the doors to asking for it.

The way to build the network is to establish strong bonds with important people. Use social media contacts so all the people come to know of your contact. This gives you social networking mileage.